JavaHolder hand-delivers your message to cafes with every cup of joe.


Target your brand to more than 100 major US cities.

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Put your brand in their hands. Contact JavaHolder today.


For companies seeking to increase brand awareness in a simple, convenient way, JavaHolder coffee sleeves provide a way to do so — without covering up your message.

Your brand. In their hands.

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Target 100 major cities with 62,000+ US locations with over 15,000 unique ZIP codes.

100 Major Markets # JavaHolder Locations
New York City 250
Los Angeles 125
Chicago 100
Philadelphia 100
Dallas - Ft. Worth 100
Atlanta 80
Seattle-Tacoma 80
Detroit 70
Miami - Ft. Lauderdale 70
Denver 70
... ...


We increase your brand’s awareness
through our unique coffee sleeves
that put your brand message
front and center
in a simple and convenient way.